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The lymphatic system is structured like a web, occasionally draining into small lumps or nodes that filter the lymphatic fluid.  The system works through the pumping power of the body’s muscles. 

The muscles contract, increasing pressure within the lymph vessels, which causes the fluid to move.  A series of one-way valves ensure that the fluid moves in the right direction.  lymphoedema, the build up of protein rich fluid in the subcutaneous interstitial compartment occurs with either lymph fluid is impeded from flowing through the lymph vessels and lymphatic system or there is an excess of fluid that exceeds the carrying capacity of the lymph system. 

It collects in the subcutaneous and deep tissues causing swelling of the affected area and predisposes to chronic inflammation.

When a sentinel node is removed, a number of nodes are removed, or if the nodes receive radiation therapy, the body is at risk of lymphoedema.

The loss of lymph nodes and vessels can result in lymphoedema in the arm or other parts of the body.  The amount of fluid collection is variable and at this time, unpredictable because of the variability of the insults and the lymphatic system itself.

Any event which stimulates the formation of increased protein fluid and floating cells between the cells in the arm (such as infection, trauma and sun burn) or slow the flow of lymph  fluid out of the arm (such as have blood pressure taken with a cuff) can increase the chance of fluid accumulating the arm.

Since no truly curative therapies exist, medical intervention is focused on preventing occurrences and recurrences and is most often dependent on patient self management and adherence.  Prolonged or severe fluid build up can result in a more severe and permanent lymphoedema.

Lymphoedema is managed and treated through a variety of therapies. Compression arm sleeves and gauntlets are one such therapy.  LympheDIVAs arm sleeves and gauntlets are Class 1 (20m30mmHG) and Class 2 (30-40mmHG) medical devices.

Like other arm sleeves they utilize graduated compression, the highest pressure at the wrist and acts as a pump to encourage the lymph vessels to push the lymph fluid toward the body.

LympheDIVAs garments are regularly tested using a Vista-Medical FSA pressure mapping system to assure proper compression.  LympheDIVAs garments can improve patient compliance to therapy through increased comfort and better fashion.

LympheDIVAs set out not just to make a pretty sleeve but a comfortable one using the following technologies:

  • A fine fine knit construction producing a smooth surface, lightweight, and replicating a ‘second skin’
  • LYCRA® spaFx, a fabric finishing process which adds unscented aloe vera moisturizing micro-capsules for added softness and skin protection.
  • Coolmax® technology for moisture wicking, breathe-ability and a cooler temperature
  • A 360 degree stretch knit, which prevents binding, particularly at the elbow

Not only do these additions result in a more comfortable garment, but they also improve management of the condition.  The sleeve protects the arm from injury of various sorts and decreases the chance of lymphoedema for those at risk.

We recommend consulting a doctor or lymphoedema therapist in order to find the most appropriate therapy for each individual.  All women who are at risk of lymphoedema or who have milt to moderate lymphoedema should, at a minimum, wear their sleeve and gauntlet during air travel and while exercising.