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You’ll need to check with your medical insurer depending on the level of cover you have.

Firstly, obtain the advice of your specialist. If possible, have a friend help you in order to get the most accurate measurements. Begin by relaxing your arm and resting it on a table, bending it slightly to create a small bend in the elbow. Your arm should not be completely straight, nor fully bent. Hold the measuring tape around your wrist, going over that little bone (ulnar styled process) on the outside. Pull the tap to the point of gentle tension; there should be no slack but you should not be pulling so hard that the tape creates an indentation. Write own this measurement in inches or centimetres. Next, move the tape up your arm so that it goes around the thickest area of your forearm – usually just below the elbow crease . Use the same amount of gentle tension and record the management. Refer to the chart in the Photo Gallery on this website for sizing options.” Finally, bring the measuring tape to the thickest part of your upper arm. If you have any extra skin here, gather it together as much as possible. You should hold the tape a bit tighter here so that all your skin is encircled evenly. For the gaunt let, you should let your fingers relax, and bring the measuring tape so it’s just under your knuckles. Pull gently so the tape has no slack. Record the measurement. If you are in-between sizes, choose the size that more closely fits your wrist than your upper arm. Please consult a medical professional to ensure a proper fit.

Yes! We have obtained Therapeutic Goods Approval. ARTG Identifier 188505 Class 1 ARTG Starat date 24/08/2011 Product Category Medical Deviced Included Class 1 GMDN 30878 GMDN Term Stocking, antiedema, arm/leg

At the moment, LympheDIVAs is not offering custom-made sleeves. However, we are listening to your concerns and ask that you contact us. Any information we can gather from lovely DIVAs from all over the world will help us create the finest products.

Yes! LympheDIVAs sleeves are extremely fashionable and stylish! Compression apparel is known to improve performance – just take a look at some sportsmen and women. By wearing our products as a fashion accessory or performance enhancer, you help prove that the sleeve is more than just a medical device

The answer to this question will depend on the nature of your condition. We suggest that you consult your doctor or physical therapist on the topic, specific to your lymphedema.

LympheDIVAs garments come with something better – the DIVA Diamond Bank, which we say offers you “bling and cling”. A latex-free, silicone-free alternative, the DIVA Diamond Band is printed directly on the sleeve and not applied to an elastic bank and sewn in. The DIVA Diamond Band will keep your garment in place and your skin less irritated.

Due to our 360 degree stretch, LympheDIVAs sleeve fit a wide range of arm lengths. At this time we do not offer short or long sleeves.

Every day of use, machine wash the garment in warm water using a gentle fabric detergent. Use a lingerie bag in the machine. Do not wring dry. Machine dry at medium-high heat. Do not iron. Do not dry clean. Do not use any chemical solvent or bleach. Do not use fabric softener or any other laundry additive. Frequent washing prolongs the useful life of the garment and maintains the ideal compression characteristics. Using creams, oils, and lotions may shorten the life of the garment. With proper care, your LympheDIVAs armsleeve and gauntlet should last up to six months.

We recommend that you consult with your physician, physical therapist or certified fitter to measure your hand and arm. Check out the sizing chart to assist you in determining your size. A proper fitting is essential for proper care! You may not fit into LympheDIVAs fashions, but have no fear; we are constantly researching and will be expanding to fit a wider array of sizes in the future

All compression garments should be replaced after four to six months of regular daily wear. LympheDIVAs garments last up to six months with proper care.

If you do find a loose thread, trim it and apply a small dab of clear nail polish, just as you would with pantyhose. If you notice a manufacturing defect within 30 days of purchase, please contact us for an exchange.

We currently offer Class 1 and Class 2 sleeves and gauntlets which have graduated compression with the highest pressures at the palm and wrist, the gauntlet is specially made to have no compression at the wrist to avoid double compression when it overlaps the sleeve. Class 1 garments have between 20-30mmHg pressure at the sleeve and palm and have about 5-10mmHG at the arm cuff. Class 2 garments have between 30-40mmHg pressure at the palm and wrist and have graduated pressure to 5-10mmHg pressure at the arm cuff.

If you are unsure of your compression class, please consult your doctor or physical therapist. Class 1 (20-30mmHg) compression is generally for a preventative to mild lymphedema. Our Class 1 sleeves are not recommended for severe swelling. Class 2 (30-40mmHg) compression is for more severe lymphedema. Like other compression devices that utilize graduated compression, the pressure is highest at the palm and wrist and gradually reduces at the top cuff and upper arm, moving the fluid toward the body.

The Diva Diamond Band is a latex free and silicone free gripper applied directly to the top cuff of the sleeve. The purpose of the band is to help the sleeve stay up and to prevent rolling.

The main ingredients in LympheDIVAs products are compassion, insight, technology, with the objective to improve how YOU feel about treating your lymphedema. With this in mind, LympheDIVAs products include moisture-wicking technology, which pulls sweat away from the body and is fast drying! LympheDIVAs products are also outfitted with encapsulated aloe vera, which moisturizes your skin and keeps your arm cooler. LympheDIVAs products are comfortable and breathable. They provide the proper grade of graduated compression for the management of lymphedema, Class 1 (20-30mmHg) and Class 2 (30-40mmHg) compression available. Our fabrics are latex and silicone free and offer 360 degree stretch, which allows our products to fit a wide range of sizes and will stretch as your arm bends and flexes.

LympheDIVAs sleeves are not intended to be worn at night. The amount of time and degree to which you wear your sleeve will depend on the severity of your own lymphedema. Consult with your therapist or doctor to determine how often you need to wear your sleeve. Divas embrace the challenges life throws at them with style and grace!